My short story The Contestant was published in Volume 2 of the Baltimore Writing Hour's journal End of 83. You can read it online for free. Click the cover image below:


I am the colorist on Judge Dredd Classics for IDW Publishing for The Apocalypse War storyline in issues #3 to #8. Color samples of this work are in the Recent Coloring section or on my deviantArt page

There are preview pages of each issue on #3#4 #5 • #6 • #7 • #8

I colored the covers to issue #6 and issue #8 below:

dredd covers

I also do art and color reconstruction for DC Comics. Here are some of the books I've worked on:


Since 2005 I have done color reconstruction and art reconstruction for the Marvel Masterworks hardcover line of books for Marvel Comics. 

These are just a few of them:


I colored Robyn Hood #1 for Zenescope Entertainment and two other shark stories for their books published for The Discovery Channel.

Other published books featuring my coloring include comics from Bluewater Productions, Speakeasy and Lone Star Press. Click the image below for Lonebow samples.

References to these folks are available upon request.

Here is the gallery to some of my comic book coloring samples:

Recent Coloring 


Please contact me via e-mail for coloring assignments:

tommullin (at)

Other samples and information can be found at these sites:

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